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Mr Fingers – Can You Feel It (Martin Luther King Jr Mix)

In 2002, Trax Records released an updated version of the Larry Heard classic, "Can You Feel It" originally released under the moniker, Mr. Fingers. In honor of MLK Day, I always post this version to remind myself and those in my circle of influence of the power of MLKs words. When mixed with one of my favorite house music track of all time, it takes on a special resonance.

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Dr. Benjamin Chavis Jr. speaks on MLK Day 2011 at First Baptist Church, Chapel Hill

I spent MLK Day 2011 in the first pew at Chapel Hill, NC's First Baptist Church, where I was blessed to hear the good Dr. Benjamin F. Chavis give a powerful and inspirational speech. I thought it was important to capture this day for history, so I brought camera with me and shot the entire 37-minute speech. It was a great way to celebrate Martin Luther King's legacy, but attending this service and now being able to share such an inspirational speech through the power of social media.

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