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Reflections on experiencing life in Ecuador

My wife, Missy, and I are now down to eight days left of our visit to Ecuador. In just over one week, we'll be back in the United States, returning to the lives we put on hold and friends we left on November 25 to experience this most interesting and joyful adventure. While I was very concerned about our journey here and what that might do to my job prospects and other opportunities for work at home, I grew to embrace this journey as a challenge and experience and I see how its helped me grow as a person.

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Casa Museo de Guayasamin

To fully appreciate and acknowledge the cultural significance and importance of the body of work contained within the home museum (casea museo) and adjacent Capilla de Hombre or Chapel Of Man of Ecuador's favorite son – the incredible painter, sculptor and poet, Oswaldo Guayasamin (Born July 6, 1919, Quito, Ecuador. Died March 10, 1999), I was inspired to revisit everything I've learned thus far in my lifetime through my travels.

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