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My Post 9/11 thoughts about why Muslim immigrants hesitate to organize against terrorism

I had a conversation yesterday with a woman from Belize who asked, why didn't Muslim immigrants from other countries living in NYC stand up and decry terrorism after 9/11, in the same way, for example, Iranian-Americans organize to protest their countries actions?

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Dr. Benjamin Chavis Jr. speaks on MLK Day 2011 at First Baptist Church, Chapel Hill

I spent MLK Day 2011 in the first pew at Chapel Hill, NC's First Baptist Church, where I was blessed to hear the good Dr. Benjamin F. Chavis give a powerful and inspirational speech. I thought it was important to capture this day for history, so I brought camera with me and shot the entire 37-minute speech. It was a great way to celebrate Martin Luther King's legacy, but attending this service and now being able to share such an inspirational speech through the power of social media.

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