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Fixing the Tony Zeoli web site

A few days ago, I inadvertently took down my personal TonyZeoli.com web site, after my former hosting company informed me that they were moving off one provider to another. Although I double checked my admin, I didn't realize my personal blog was still being hosted with the provider in question. Much to my dismay, after I'd sent an "all clear" to the system administrator, they deleted my hosting account and along with it my personal blog.

Of course, being a web veteran, I should have had that site backed up, but I hadn't done it in a while. Alas, I have to rebuild, which is fine because there wasn't much here yet anyway. However, I do plan on really developing this blog/site over time as a hub for everything that I'm working on. I've been re-inspired, so to speak, to use this online venue as a platform for my ideas as well as a place to post things I pick up every day.

Now that I'm publishing TonyZeoli.com, I'm going to do my best to use the Wordpress publishing app for the iPhone, which somehow remains dormant despite the fact that it's on the first screen of my phone.

I'm not sure yet the direction I'm going to take, but I want to be as open as I can about what it is that I'm working on in my daily life. It may go from the mundane to things that I think are quite exciting. I will try and post tutorials about things I've learned with links and images, as well as video musings, maybe a few podcasts, pictures are always fun, and stuff for my portfolio. Hope you can come along for the ride.

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