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Tony Z’s take on Spin.com’s streaming and Dance Music article and comments

Okay, so I've read Phillip Sherburne's piece and many of the comments from DJs, Producers and others who ask some very good questions about streaming and cite many reasons why the quality of dance music seems to be suffering. Sherburne writes that today's dance music producer is so frazzled between DJ gigs and travel, that they have no time to write quality music. Is that true? I don't know, but what I do know is that music production is vastly different today than it once was. No longer are you stuck in a studio for a 15-hour session or back-to-back all-nighters. You can get stems from others contributing to your production or vocals from your singer in your DropBox, then drop them into your Ableton production on that 19-hour flight to Singapore. Sure, you're not stuck in your home studio, but your hotel room, your flight or your limo ride have replaced the studio as your production environment.

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Dance Music in the news!

It was exciting to read the news this week about dance music across America. The LA Times and Detroit News both published articles that focused on the growth of dance/electronic events. Miami New Times led the story in March with an article about the Ultra Music Festival. MTV followed up, hyping the connections to pop. The last link points to last year's NY Times article about the surge in interest in DJ training/education as the recession took hold.

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