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Synopsis: As Director of Information Architecture and User Experience Design at Zaah Technologies, I led product development, information architecture and creative direction for this fashion portal with social, shopping, and online portfolio creation & management.

Client: Zaah Technologies, WhatsWear Media

Solutions: Product Development; Information Architecture; Art Direction.

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Art We Can

The Web site was born out of an inspiration by contemporary urban artist, Phetus, to create art pieces inspired by Barack Obama’s campaign for President of the United States, with the intent to auction the pieces and donate the proceeds to the campaign.

Working directly with the artist to define the requirements, the site was put on fast track, rapid-prototype and was created within days. I developed the wire frames laying out the site’s user interface, worked with our graphics team on the site’s theme and implemented the site’s content strategy. Because of the rapid development required, the associated PDF does not contain descriptive notes. Using an agile process, I managed development through email, IM and Basecamp.

Solutions: Product Development, Information Architecture, Creative Direction, Marketing.

Art We Can Homepage
Art We Can Homepage


Phetus Exclusives

Synopsis: As Director of Information Architecture and User Experience Design at Zaah Technologies, I led planning, design and development of an e-commerce destination website for leading Long Island, NY-based graffiti writer and comic book creator, Phetus.

Solutions: Product Development; Information Architecture, Creative Design Direction; Project Management

Wetseal Facebook App

Synopsis: I was hired by DotBox Ideas to develop the information architecture documentation, including wireframes and flowcharts, to support design and development of an interactive application for Facebook. The project was commissioned by the teen fashion retailer, Wetseal.

Solutions: User Experience consulting; Information Architecture

PDF IconWetseal Facebook App Wireframes 5.1


Resume Deli

Synopsis: My digital strategy and WordPress consulting company, Digital Strategy Works, was hired by Resume Deli to plan, a redesign of their marketing website. The client decided to go in another direction, but these wireframes and sketch are an example of how I thought through this redevelopment effort.

Solutions: WordPress consulting; Information Architecture; User Experience Design; Creative Design Management; Project Management

PDF IconResume Deli Wireframes


Resume Deli Design Comp

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As a freelance Information Architect, I was hired by the White Space Group to develop the flowcharts and wireframes for a destination party planning and events website,

Client: White Space Group, 1800Flowers

Solutions:Information Architecture; User Experience Design.

Image of Home Page Screen Shot

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Synopsis: As a freelance consultant to White Space Group, I produced a full set of wireframes for the website design and development of a music-oriented blogging platform and social community targeting teen females. The project was inspired and commissioned by former Epic Records President, Charlie Walk.

 Solutions: Information Architecture; UX Design

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Pepsi Universe Football

Synopsis: KTV Media contacted me with a struggling project led by another development shop. They could not complete the work within scope. Over the course of 1 week, I contracted a Flash™ developer and we began to research the issues and finish up the project. We delivered a working solution, which set the stage for a successful marketing launch of this unique, interactive experience for Pepsi-Cola.

Client: KTV Media, Pepsico

Solutions: Consulting, Project Management, Adobe Flash™ Development


Synopsis: As VP of Music Services for Entertainment Media Works destination web site,, DSW founder, Tony Zeoli, led Product Development, User Experience and Business Development for the company’s online music video with contextual commerce engine experience. During his tenure, Zeoli partnered with the company’s CEO to close the first streaming video licensing deal for music videos alongside contextual commerce with Universal Music Group. Zeoli was also responsible for the company’s partnerships with MTV Networks and Univision, as well as many independent labels, music video promotion services, management companies, artists, stylists, hair and make up artists and music video directors. In fact, StarStyle Music was the most ambitionus effort to date to partner labels and artists with online retail.

Artists participating in the StarStyle offering included Jeremiah, Fergie, Mary J. Blige, Gwen Stefani, Matchbox Twenty, Joan Jett, Brooke Hogan feat. Paul Wall, Angelique Kidjo feat. Joss Stone, Tre Hardson, Mims and many more.

The following screen shots contain products and imagery from Black Eyed Peas lead singer, Fergie’s, music video, Glamorous.



AP Young Readers Project Blogs

As Program Manager at the Associated Press (2005), I led design and development of the ASAP Young Readers Project blogs.

Solutions: Project Management, Product Development, Information Architecture