Image of Tony Zeoli presenting Zen of WordPress SEO at WCU Biltmore Park

WordPress for Small Business Workshop: Roadmap for Success!

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This 2.5-hour workshop held at WCU Biltmore Park (South Asheville)  is specifically designed for small business owners who already have a functioning WordPress website, but need to better understand how to build or improve on their site. Or, you’re a small business owner seeking to better understand WordPress and how to launch a WordPress site for marketing products, services, or for Ecommerce.

We’ll focus on the following topics:

Many people hear the term WordPress, but don’t really understand what WordPress is or does. We’ll go over key concepts of why you should choose WordPress for your website and how to get started on WordPress.

Domain Names
Your domain name is important. It’s your address on the web. We’ll cover the value of a domain name and how to pick one and protect it.

Before you start building your website, you need to have your brand guidelines, like logo, colors, font styles, and images. We’ll cover the basics of generating your brands marketing assets, who designs or provides them, and how they are applied to your website.

WordPress Hosting
You’ll need a solid hosting plan and provider to park your WordPress website and point your domain to it. We’ll discuss levels of hosting, costs, what hosting plan or provider you should pick for your small business website, and how WordPress sites migrate between hosts.

WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world powering over 33% of all websites. When something is as popular, those with nefarious intent want to exploit back doors to do bad things. We’ll cover the basics of WordPress security to protect your small business, your data, and how you can control access for your employees.

Even if your business and website are located in the United States, somewhere you are serving an European Union resident. Whether they live abroad or live in the U.S., the European Union requires all website operators serving E.U. citizens anywhere to be compliant with their privacy policies. We’ll go over simple ways to make sure compliance with the GDPR regulations.

Content (Text, Audio, Video, Photos), SEO, and Social Media)
No website is complete without the content that drives interest to action. Google also needs great content to crawl and return in search results. We’ll go over content ideas, including how you can use text, audio (podcasts), and video to drive traffic, increase engagement, and sell your products or services. And, we’ll talk about basic core concepts of SEO and how they are easily applied in WordPress on your site and off your site. We’ll also go over connecting your WordPress to social media to make it easy to cross-post and/or share your content in social networks.

Designers & Developers
Whether hiring locally or finding designers and developers on Fivrr, Upwork, Bark, or other online service provider aggregators, it’s important to understand how to identify and work with freelancers who are experienced and have a body of work to show for it. We’ll talk about how to identify and hire WordPress freelancers who get the job done. And, we’ll cover the process of development from end to end, so you can better understand what these people are doing to get your website designed and launched.

Project Management Basics
In the course of developing any product, we need to put some basic tracking systems in place to manage our projects and resources. We’ll look at three common systems for project management and time tracking that will help you keep a handle on your WordPress design and development project.

Themes, Plugins, Blocks, and Page Builders
A WordPress designer or developer may pick a “theme” and “plugins” to install for your WordPress website, and that might require you to pay for licenses for those add-ons for WordPress. We’ll cover what themes and plugins do and why you need them. And, we’ll go over Page Builders and Blocks, a new method of building your websites page layouts that don’t require a developer to do, which helps lower the cost of development.

There are many options for Ecommerce using freely available plugins that extend your WordPress site from a website or blog into a website with products and a shopping cart. We’ll go over the popular WooCommerce shopping system through which you can sell products on your website and the Easy Digital Downloads system, which is a downloads Ecommerce system for digital products.

There are a myriad of costs associated with domains, hosting, design, development, and everything else that goes into building a great WordPress website. We’ll look at a simple spreadsheet of what it might cost you to hire someone to build and keep up your WordPress website.

In the world of software development there are always updates and new features added to WordPress itself and its associated themes, plugins, blocks, and other related system. We’ll talk about maintenance plans and why they are important for the long term health of your WordPress installation.

Discounts and Offers
All attendees receive discounts on WordPress themes, plugins, and GSuite for Work valued at over $500 in cost savings!