I chose WordPress as my go-to CMS over 13-years ago. And, wow! Now WordPress powers 28% of all Internet websites. That’s amazing. The growth has been phenomenal for a number of reasons

WordPress is free to use, because it’s open source. Whether through WordPress.com or WordPress.org, anyone can access WordPress and build a stunning website, blog, Ecommerce shop, and more. The possibilities are endless and it just keeps growing.

In the beginning, WordPress was built with usability in mind. What is usability? It is the process of making decisions to create simplicity and ease-of-use for the novice to the expert. That’s a hard thing to pull off, but because WordPress started with a focus on user-centered design, the product took off–just like the iPhone did when it was first introduced.

WordPress is “open-source,” meaning anyone can download it and modify the code with attribution back to the original developers of the software. This has created a cottage industry of experts in all facets of WordPress who thrive off of the WordPress ecosystem.

If you’re stepping into WordPress for the first time and you don’t have a background in web design and development, content management, system administration, or other technical functions, installing a self-hosted version of WordPress and knowing what to do next can be daunting. WordPress comes in two flavors. WordPress.com is where anyone can sign up for an account and start blogging right away. WordPress.org is where you can download the actual software and install it on a web server you rent through a hosting company.

The first way is simple. You register for an account at WordPress.com and immediately, you will have WordPress at your fingertips, but you may not know what to do first. That’s where I can help, by coaching you on how to use your new WordPress.com website.

The second way is slightly more complex. Maybe you want WordPress, but don’t want the hosted version at WordPress.com, because there are limitations to how much you can customize or restrictions on the use of third party themes and plugins that enhance WordPress. You can turn to a basic hosting company like GoDaddy or BlueHost or you might register an account with a WordPress managed hosting company like WP Engine, who I strongly recommend. They are top notch!

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With WP Engine, you immediately have access to WordPress, but there are some steps you need to take to setup and manage your new website or blog efficiently. That’s where I can help coach you through the setup and configuration, as well as the dos and dont’s of WordPress.

I have coached many clients, including students, working professionals, and small business owners, on how to get the most out of WordPress–from setup to launch and beyond! Your investment is $150 per hour of consulting time. While that may seem like a lot, it’s not when you consider the over 13+ years of experience and knowledge transferred to you, as well as the skills and experience you will gain from our sessions together.

Coaching is one-on-one and is done online using easy to install web conferencing software. I also offer in-person or online training modules for groups. (Add additional Travel and Lodging if required beyond 30-miles of Asheville, NC)  If you’re looking for a WordPress Trainer, click to learn about my WordPress Training program.

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Programs & Sessions

We recognize each and everyone of us have our own learning style and capabilities, which is why we’ve broken out the sessions below into Basic, Advanced, and Session pricing. We hope these models meet your needs and requirements.

Please read the descriptions below and select the program(s) and/or sessions to achieve your goals. Sessions are one-on-one over the Internet using Skype or Google Hangout. We use screen-sharing technology from Appear.in and Team Viewer.

One you have selected and purchased a program, you will receive a follow up email to schedule your sessions, so please check your email once you have completed your transaction. Always check your “spam” folder, just in case we end up there accidentally!

If you have questions before your purchase, please contact us.

  • Basic Programs

  • Price: $405.00 Quantity:

    Covers basic WordPress setup and review of the WordPress administration system, including:

    • publishing pages
    • categorizing, tagging, and publishing posts
    • optimizing and uploading images, audio, and video to the WordPress media library
    • embedding uploaded media into posts and pages
    • installation of JetPack by Automattic and implementation of useful features like social share bars, backups, spam protection, and security

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  • Price: $405.00 Quantity:

    Covers end-to-end beginners SEO, including setup and configuration, keyword optimization per page and post, and social meta optimization.

    • setup and configuration of All in One SEO Pack for WordPress SEO
    • per page/post keyword optimization
    • creating and registering a sitemap with Google and Bing
    • basic social meta optimization based on SEO page/post SEO values
    • SEO for images (photo), including titling, and compressing to improve page speed

    Save 10% on the hourly rate with this package program pricing!
  • Advanced Programs

  • Price: $450.00 Quantity:

    This program is for self-hosted WordPress sites online and covers WordPress for Beginners topics, as well as advanced topics in setup and configuration, including the following:

    • WordPress managed hosting services
    • domain name registration
    • email setup with Google GSuite
    • CloudFlare DNS migration
    • free SSL encryption
    • pagespeed optimization
    • using a pagebuilder themes/plugin to manage style and layout
    • backups and restore
    • building complex forms with Gravity Forms
    • advanced JetPack for WordPress by Automattic setup and configuration for cross posting, social sharing, site security, and additional publishing tools
    • basic SEO setup and optimization with All in One SEO Pack for WordPress SEO; sitemap creation and submission to Google and Bing, social meta optimization

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  • Price: $450.00 Quantity:
    Everything in the Basic Beginner SEO Package, and the following:

    • setup and configuration of All in One SEO Pack for WordPress SEO
    • per page/post keyword optimization
    • sitemap creating and registration with Google and Bing
    • social meta optimization based on SEO page/post SEO values
    • CloudFlare DNS migration
    • free SSL encryption
    • SEO for images (photo), including titling, and compressing to improve page speed
    • pagespeed optimization, including object caching of pages, content delivery networks for media (audio, video, photo), dealing with render blocking javascript and browser caching.
    • link building strategies
    • how to perform a site SEO audit
    • how to redirect posts and pages or fix specific errors reported by Google Search Console

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  • Price: $300.00 Quantity:

    Covers setup and configuration of WordPress Multisite networks for subdomains or subdirectories, DNS management, domain mapping, administrator and user registration, registering and setting up new networked sites, activating themes/plugins in the network, and management and deployment of networked sites as not to impact content during upgrades or design/layout changes.

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  • Price: $300.00 Quantity:

    We'll cover the basics of podcasting production, from recording your podcast with the open source Audacity audio recording software or Apple's Garage Band, to editing, optimizing, and exporting your audio file in .mp3 format, then importing your podcast to your WordPress media library. We'll walk through setup of the popular Blubrrry Podcasting plugin for WordPress, and we'll work together to sync your podcast for distribution through the Apple Store, Google Play Store, Stitcher, and other popular podcasting distribution outlets.

    I'm sorry, I am unable to discount this program price.)

  • Session Pricing and Email Coaching

    Book me at my full rate in 60 or 90 minute increments.
    Save 10% with this plan!
    Save 10% with this plan!
  • Price: $49.00 Quantity:
    Life is busy! Maybe you don't need to spend 2 to 3 hours with me learning WordPress and all that goes along with it! That's why I have an Email coaching option. Choose this option if you don't need hourly coaching, but do need to ask a few questions.. This option is limited to three email responses to your question(s). Expect responses are in 24-48 hours.
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