My Storify links are not working with

If you love Storify, an excellent service that allows you to aggregate and post status updates from the social web, and you love, a service that allows you to embed media content more than 200 services, you’re in good company. Both are pretty awesome. However, there’s one tiny glitch that you might not know about. I found out about this and thought I’d share the news.

Currently, there’s a bug in the WordPress plug-in. When you click on the button in your post editor and add the link, you only get a thumbnail, description and link for the story, and not the full Storify treatment. Storify preview in WordPress Post Editor

When you post the link, it then looks like the following in your page.

How has Apple and Steve Jobs made an impact on your life?We asked locals, How have Steve Jobs and Apple products changed your lives? This is what you said.

Embedly Powered

I contacted support and they were quick to respond. Art in Customer Support told me that there was a bug in their plug-in, which they will fix on the next release, but for now, all you have to do is put your naked link in the Post Editor, and it will work.

Storify Link pasted directly into Post Editor

It’s as simple as that. See the Storify post below.