Helping friends

There are times in life when people need your help. They might need a little nudge. They might need a few bucks to get them over the hump. They might need just some advice or support. You never know what small thing you can do for someone that will make a huge difference to them.

I remember, a few years ago, a friend called and he was losing his house. Things were really rough for him. I’d known him since the early 90’s and knew what kind of good soul he was. How he treated everyone around him with respect. How he was just a person who got caught in a situation. He needed some money to get to NYC so he could interview for a job. I sent it to him, because he’d given me so much advice about selling records online, which has since been somewhat successful for me to dump some of my collection. He could have charged me for that advice, but he didn’t. It was easy to send him some funds. He got a job and since then, it seems like things got better.

I had another friend who once was stuck and needed some bus fare to get himself back and forth to NYC. I sent him some money and he was able to get to where he needed to go at the time. There was another time he needed a few dollars to pay for a month more of storage, so he wouldn’t lose his entire record collection and dj gear. I gave it to him, because I know how important your record collection and dj gear are to the dj. Without them, what do you do? How do you rebuild on 20-years of collecting?

Recently, I had another friend who’s never really been in the Internet game. She had a personal situation that’s prevented her from focusing on digital media, because her child came first. She didn’t ask, but I offered to pay for a $35 two-day conference for her over this weekend and from what I heard tonight from her, it was truly transformational. She is now incredibly inspired to deep dive into WordPress and learn more about social media marketing.

Some time ago, I lent another friend money to help pay a phone bill so she wouldn’t lose touch with her business contacts. I also helped her with money to move to L.A. And, I let her stay at my place for a while in transition. I don’t know how successful she’s been out there, but it seems as if things have stabilized. I certainly hope so.

As for me, when I was between jobs, my friend sent me money to help me pay for a plane ticket to NYC to take meetings, make connections and see what I could rustle up. This was a few years ago. That friend said to me, “don’t worry about it…you don’t have to pay me back.” That is a true friend.

But, it’s his teaching me throughout our friendship for over 23-years, that if you can do it, you pay it forward to others who need help. So, for the money he gave me that one day to get to New York City, I’ve given ten times that to others to help them get to where they need to be.

I write this, because I never really talk about it. I write this, because I want to tell people that it’s not about the money. It’s about the hope, the joy, the inspiration and the necessity of seeing your friends through difficult times. It’s about what my friend taught me long ago – treat everyone as you want to be treated. After all, it is only money. I know it’s important in many ways, but if that little bit helps someone else out of a jam, then don’t think twice about it, because your friend will always know when you have their back. When you stepped up to the plate and make it just a little easier for them. That’s what life, for me, is about.