Digital Strategy Works

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Tony Zeoli

I am very excited to report the beta launch of, the digital strategy and web/mobile development agency that I’ve been working on independently since 2009 and recently with parter and CTO, Michael McNeil and our highly skilled Lead Developer, Jeff Marx.

I recently separated from a very challenging position working with a company in North Carolina, where I was resurrecting a failed music start-up. While I am still looking for another opportunity, my wife and I agreed that I should start putting the pedal to the medal on consulting work and put my 18+ years in digital to work for those who need our help.

Digital Strategy Works was born out of my experience in digital media working as a product manager, project manager and entrepreneur on a variety of digital media projects. The concept is simple – to be successful in building and maintaing digital products, one must have a well thought out digital strategy, which includes everything from application branding and revenue modeling to analytics and customer support. With over 100 projects under just my belt and the multitude of projects both Michael and Jeff have worked on, we have the depth of experience to transform a client’s vision into a sustainable product.

Working with many startups, non-profits and corporations, we’ve seen many founders or Business Owners struggle with getting their ideas off the ground. They may have excellent ideas, but poor execution, because they fail to plan around how to support their project from a holistic level.

In today’s challenging and competitive Internet environment, if you’re not thinking through what your users are going to expect from your platform, you can certainly cause an immense amount of frustration and lose customers. We’ve seen it happens to many times, so at Digital Strategy Works, we can sit down with the business owner and utilize the lean agile / scrum process to work together creating requirements and project plans to flush out what’s important in the primary build and potentially plan for future releases.

While I’m engaged in both a job search and building Digital Strategy Works (whichever becomes the priority, I’ll go with), my wife and I decided to head to Cuenca, Ecuador, where I am going to be working with a tutor to learn Spanish. I think knowing second and even third languages (or more) is so important in today’s globally connected world. I know that it will open doors for me. As the business of the web is computer-driven, I’m organizing and facilitating from here, which has been easy to do given all the technology we have at our disposal today.

Please take a look at the Digital Strategy Works website. We’re working on our portfolio now and filling in some details, but it will give you an idea of our capabilities. If you need something from us, we hope to hear from you. If not, please pass us along to your friends and colleagues who might need our professional services.