@8tracks playlist: Visions of a Sky 2

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Last year, I created a playlist called, “Vision of a Sky,” which got about 1,000 spins (as of this writing). Someone even posted they’d heard my playlist in store somewhere in Toronto! That’s what I love about DJing and creating playlists online. With streaming being so easy today, you can post and share your playlists and you never know where they are going to end up or who is listening to them.

That inspired me to continue the series. This mix, Visions of a Sky 2, continues on the same track of deep house and tech house with warm, lush elements like long layered synth pads and beautiful, introspective vocals. This is a sound that I’ve grown to love, because it combines the importance of songwriting and vocals with deep tracks that sound awesome on a big sound system in a club. They’re built to make you groove, but also think beyond just the beats themselves.

I’ve learned in the course of my DJ career that it’s very important to not just play tracks. A DJ supports artist’s creativity and that means going deep and finding special songs that resonate on the dancefloor and off. I think you’ll agree that this playlist follows that logic.

The photo was shot on the Blue Ridge Parkway near the top of Mt. Mitchell, close to¬†Asheville in western North Carolina on a warm spring day (May 2014). I love sharing these introspective photos that we’re taking of our experiences here in North Carolina.

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