Our new 2007 Certified Pre-Owned Honda Civic EX

2007 Honda Civic EX
2007 Honda Civic EX

I can’t really remember when we started to look for a new car. 6-months maybe? Well, that search finally came to a long awaited end tonight, when my girlfriend pulled out the plastic so that we could get finally get out of the 1999 Honda Accord LX that we’ve been beating into the ground. Yup, that’s the new (actually, certified pre-owned) vehicle in the photo. We think we got a pretty good deal. Not only will she be happy driving to work in a new(er) car everyday; I won’t have to be dragged between Honda dealers in Brewster, Tarrytown, White Plains, and Yonkers.

The goal was to get a 2005 or 2006 Honda Accord, but the price in this economy was a bit high. We settled on a budget conscious car we knew would last and got great gas mileage. After driving the 6-cylinder Accord for so long, downshifting to a 4-cylinder took a little getting used to. But, it’s a peppy little car with decent pick-up.

I’m certain we’re going to try our best to keep this car out of the city. It seems as if they’re fixing the Willis Avenue bridge or maybe building a new ramp to the current one. If your coming up Harlem River Drive, as you approach the bridge, there is major construction going on. The roads are absolutely horrible, to the point that New York City should pay for any damage done to cars traversing that area. It’s really horrific.

I usually drive up the East Side to save a few dollars on the toll at the Henry Hudson Bridge. Now that we have the Civic, I guess the choice is clear. It’s either take the Civic through the no-man’s land that is the Willis Avenue Bridge, or give $2.75 to NYC each time we cross the bridge.


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